Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Midterms 2018

So the ‘Blue wave’ hasn’t really happened. Against a fascistic man-baby, and with pretty much the entire ‘MSM’ behind them, the Democrats just about managed to take back the House and actually LOST seats in the Senate. Pathetic!

Trump will be around until 2024 unless the Democrats are able to miraculously reform by 2020 and actually offer the revolutionary change that people and planet need. But this will not happen, because they are in bed with the oligarchy/Wall Street: eg every single Democrat recently voted for an environment-killing $700 billion military budget. Meanwhile, there’s extreme poverty, homelessness crisis, massive debt, no public healthcare, etc. United States of Corruption.

Expect more Russia nonsense and zero self-reflection from the Dems over the next two years! The two-party dictatorship serving the interests of the billionaires, will continue, meaning that people will only get angrier and the far-right will continue to thrive.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

USA and Israel again vote to continue Cuba blockade

Despite the blockade - which they say has deprived their economy of over $933billion - Cubans have a higher life expectancy than Americans; free healthcare, education, etc. Just imagine how even-more-amazingly they'd be doing without the blockade! 

The US will never allow a thriving non-neoliberal capitalist society to exist so close to its borders (...or anywhere). Can't have Americans noticing that there is another way of doing things!


Oh yeah, cos our neoliberal governments don't actually have much agency and exist at the behest of US hegemony/corporations and plutocrats (sorry, the 'free market').

Socialist China beats 'free market' countries when it comes to green energy?

Isn’t it crazy that we aren’t all driving electric cars by now?

Just imagine how different our world could be if the $trillions spent on militarism and corporate consumerism, for the benefit of a few scumbag war profiteers/corporations, had instead been invested in science and green technology.

For how long will we continue to allow our ruling elite, and the neoliberal system that enriches them (whilst putting the rest of us in debt), destroy our planet?

The ‘free market’ (aka corporate-controlled) system is literally going to wipe us out. I guess it’s a testament to the level of propaganda that we are subjected to, that we are mostly just letting this happen.

Maybe socialist China will provide some hope...? (Not that I’m a massive fan of everything about their system either!).

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Trump is a puppet of the Neocon state, not Putin - we need radical change asap

As has been obvious from the outset, Donald is not a ‘Kremlin puppet’. With him today vowing to pull out of a nuclear deal with Russia (INF), and with Politico reporting that the Mueller investigation has basically led nowhere, that official conspiracy theory can surely finally die, (though its proponents will of course face no comeuppance and will continue to earn $$$ propagandizing for corporate media).

What Trump IS, is a puppet of corporate, Neoconservative USA - and an even more easy-to-control puppet than Obama, it seems. But without Obama’s ‘liberal’ (pro-LGBT, feminist, pro-choice) mask.

The system/ruling elite pulling the strings of every US President seek no less than total global domination. As well as being an embarrassment to the US brand, and thus a hindrance to continued US imperialism, Trump initially showed some signs that he would go against this system - professing a desire for better relations with Russia, threatening to pull out of Syria - so an unhinged ‘red-scare’ was recreated, with outlandish allegations of Trump-Putin ‘collusion’, so as to topple this unmasked face of America, or at least to bring him into line and prevent any possibility of a more peaceful relationship with Russia. Any apparent attempt by Trump to seek a better relationship with Russia - or even just to meet with Putin - was met with cries of ‘Putin puppet!’ from the corporate media. (Whether Trump ever actually wanted better relations with Russia, I doubt).

The puppeteers almost had the predictable, reliably militaristic, ‘liberal’ Hillary Clinton, to oversee their continued imperial pursuits, corporate rule, and ever-expanding Orwellian control of society, but instead they got an embarrassing, overtly inhumane buffoon, who is completely destroying any illusion of the US as a bastion of humanity and freedom in the world. And who also, unfortunately (for us), is proving to be even more dangerous than those before him.

We need an anti-war movement. And we need to overthrow our neoliberal capitalist system (aka corporate dictatorship) that will not and cannot accept a multi-polar world order. It would rather drive us to total destruction than accept this, either via environmental devastation/climate-change, or via nuclear war with other powers (Russia/China), as it continues to spread like a disease throughout the world.

We need to give power back to the people. How propagandised have we been to believe that a system of perpetual growth and profit (for those at the top) is good and sustainable for our little planet? Trump is just a product of this system. It’s time to reverse our doomed trajectory and put people and planet before corporate profit!

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Documentary illustrates why we desperately need a Jeremy Corbyn government

Watch this documentary.

The financial system of offshore tax havens, set up after the fall of the British Empire to maintain a less obvious kind of colonialism, has facilitated the looting of developing countries, and the formation of corrupt governments that work in the interests of a financial elite, not the people.

We’re ruled by psychopathic crooks. To save the planet and its inhabitants, we’ve no option but to try and change the horrific system of perpetual plunder and oppression by an unaccountable, mercenary elite. Making lifelong social justice and peace campaigner Jeremy Corbyn PM would give us our best shot at doing so.

Join Labour. We can only do this as a collective!

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Michael Palin in North Korea

I just finished watching the first episode of Michael Palin in North Korea, broadcast on mainstream UK television. Whilst I found it to be a fairly respectful insight, (comparatively to most western media), Palin frequently points to the propaganda in NK, whilst parroting western propaganda tropes about the country. Quite ironic! (No one beats USA when it comes to propaganda!).

He goes into a hairdressers & points at a poster of models all with similar hairstyles, (as if to suggest that all citizens have to look the same, and perhaps look similar to Kim Jong Un). In reality this is no different to most barbershops in the UK, which often have such posters of models with slight variations of a ‘short back & sides’ hairstyle. And let’s not forget that most westerners, like a herd of sheep, follow trends – hairstyles, fashion, interior design, gadgets, etc – which are set by corporations via advertising so as to constantly create new opportunities for revenue. Is this really any better than copying the hairstyle of your country’s leader?

He observes frequent statues and imagery of the leaders, and the badges of them that many citizens proudly wear on their jacket lapels. Is this so different from statues in other countries, of royalty, presidents, 'founding fathers' etc? I have been to Thailand several times, and the admiration that they have there for their late King was visible everywhere. Regarding the badges, is this not comparable to seemingly every other home in America proudly displaying the stars and stripes on the porch? The patriotism/nationalism in the US is more noticeable than any other country I have visited. Presidents who oversaw violent coups and illegal invasions of foreign countries, are lionized. The extremely bloodied flag is on display everywhere. Surely there is no citizenry more brainwashed than the American populace?

There’s little context to explain why NK is the way it is. Their militarism is understandable - I wonder if Michael even knows that America has been surrounding the region with military bases. Plus obviously there is their militarism/war games in the South, their refusal to sign peace treaties, their recent regime change interventions in other countries…

When he arrives, by train from China, into the north of the country, he is told to stop filming. He proclaims that this is the ‘first sign of authoritarian rule’. In reality, this is no different to arriving in many countries. I have been shouted at for filming in LA airport.

I am not saying NK isn’t repressive – it seems clear that citizens have little choice but to respect their system/ruler - but how much of this authoritarianism is a result of a need to unite against a very real imperial threat (from the same country that decimated their land and people in the 1950s)?

And perhaps they actually have some freedoms that many westerners do not have? The freedom to live in dignity; to not have to worry about basic needs, because the communist system prioritises that; the freedom to not be constantly manipulated and mentally abused by a virulent corporate state; the freedom to not be forced (due to poverty) into the military to fight in imperial wars...

I look forward to the rest of the series. Hopefully Michael comes to realise that he is just as/more propagandised than the people of North Korea.

Notes on episode 2:

Michael seems to find it odd that an elderly farmer does not want to talk about the famine of the 1990s. The insinuation is that citizens are fearful of talking about any negative aspects of North Korean leadership. But it is hardly unreasonable for her to not wish to discuss what must have been an extremely traumatic time, during which she may have lost loved ones.

He questions his guide as to why North Koreans don't criticize their leadership, and is somewhat dismayed by her response - that the leadership genuinely represents the people, so to criticize it is to criticize oneself. Palin shows his naivety in suggesting that western leaders also care about the people, and that we are still free to criticize them - it is not really true that leaders of neoliberal capitalist countries care about the people; they are mostly just puppets of the 'free market'/corporations. Profit is the priority).

Unfortunately there was no acknowledgement by Michael at the end that he is himself a victim of (western) propaganda, but he did at least say that the country was not the brutal and unhappy place that he had expected.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

9/11: Never Forgot...

#NeverForget the millions of Arabs killed/maimed/displaced by the imperial wars fought by the US+allies following 9/11, (and before).

#NeverForget that the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, yet it is Iran that America nonsensically describes as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, whilst Saudi remains a close ally.

#NeverForget that al Qaeda was born out of America’s support for the Mujahideen in the 1980s.

#NeverForget the war propaganda - the WMD lie, the ‘Saddam is working with al Qaeda’ lie, the ‘Gaddafi is going to massacre Benghazi’ lie, the ‘Assad is gassing his own people’ lie, the ‘Houthis are an Iranian proxy’ lie... etc.

#NeverForget that the US, having ostensibly set out to defeat al Qaeda, was just a decade later supporting them and their ilk in Libya/Syria (just as they were in the 1980s), and is now allied with them in Yemen.

#NeverForget that the ‘War On Terror’ has been a farce from day one; a ploy to enable imperial plunder of the Middle East and beyond.

#NeverForget the attacks on our civil liberties.

#NeverForget that the US is the bloodiest inflictor of terror that the planet has ever seen.

#NeverForget that the US is by far the greatest threat to world peace and progress, and that this was the case long before Trump came along.