Saturday, 14 July 2018

'Whatabout' Obama?

The genocidal assault on Yemen began under Obama.

The destruction of Libya based on complete lies, and leading to the spread of extremism and the rise of ISIS, and to the migrant crisis, happened under Obama.

The CIA regime-change operation in Syria, involving the providing of billions of dollars of support to the likes of al Qaeda, and which has killed over 500,000 people and displaced millions, began under Obama.

The Neoconservaive wars continued and expanded under Obama with mass drone bombings (26,172 dropped in 2016 alone) and military operations in multiple Middle Eastern/African countries, including those mentioned above plus - Somalia, Pakistan, Sudan, and of course Afghanistan and Iraq.

Travel restrictions from these Muslim-majority countries began under Obama.

The election of a right-wing regime in Honduras, which has overseen the killing of hundreds of human rights campaigners, including LGBT and environmental activists, was enabled by Obama, who recognized and legitimised the 2009 coup regime when most rightly did not.

Mass deportations (including family separations) began under Obama. The deportees included many victims of his and his predecessor’s actions in Latin America, including Hondurans, who continue to flee to the US in desperation. The cruelty of this is shocking.

The elected government in Ukraine was overthrown with help from Obama in 2014, who then supported the coup government, which includes known neo-Nazis.

The attack on civil liberties, justified by the perpetual, and fake, ‘war on terror’, continued under Obama. He mass surveilled citizens, made it lawful to assassinate people without judicial review, had the FBI spy on journalists, and prosecuted more than double the number of whistleblowers than all prior presidents combined...

Journalism was attacked under Obama.

Tyrants around the world were embraced and given military aid under Obama. For example, Netenyahu was armed, and Palestinians ignored, even after the IDF had just slaughtered 2000 Palestinians in 50 days, including 550 children.

Protestors were tear gassed and jailed under Obama.

The bankers were protected by Obama.

The needs of corporations were prioritised by Obama, over the needs of ordinary people, and the environment.


If people are just ‘waking up’ and will continue to protest when a 'politically correct', but equally militaristic and anti-freedom Democrat replaces Trump in 2020, then great. But given the silence (or worse - adulation) during Obama’s term, I think this unlikely.

We’re being massively manipulated. Most of the powerful actors behind the anti-Trump movement could not give a damn about Trump doing all of the above. They call Trump a fascist to distract from their own slide towards it; they emphasise his obvious delinquency to distract us from the fact that they actually support most of his agenda. They love that he is a useful distraction, thought at the same time hate that he’s taken off the 'politically correct' mask and is an unpredictable embarrassment to the US Empire.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

It isn't a Muslim Ban

Trump's travel ban is good optics for his racist base, but it isn't actually a Muslim ban, as it doesn't include Muslim countries that serve US interests, (Saudi Arabia etc).

What it is, is a ban on people from countries targeted by the State Department for regime change/destabilisation/plunder - the US, for several years now, has been bombing most of these countries.

It is a ban on victims of US imperialism.

Obama was already restricting travel from these countries. Yet again, Trump has just taken off the mask, revealing more than ever, the ugly reality of the American Empire. (Well, at least I hope that is what’s happening!).

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Trump meets Kim Jong-Un for peace talks and liberals are displeased

‘We will be stopping the war games - they’re very provocative, and it will save us a lot of money. I want to bring the troops home, but that’s not in the equation right now’. - Donald Trump

Trump is an ass, sure. I loathe him for many reasons, not least his actions in Palestine. But if he is being remotely sincere in this statement, during a press conference following his meeting with the North Korean leader, then it is a big step forward, and undoubtably a 'fuck you' to the military-industrial complex.

Following this statement by Trump, CNN promptly began with the criticism, once again revealing themselves as mouthpieces for the arms dealers who advertise with them.

It isn't just CNN. Across the board, liberal pundits and their followers are reacting in disdain or disapproval at this meeting, many seeing it as further evidence that Trump is doing Putin's bidding. Liberals have gone insane! Someone really needs to explain to them that it is possible to oppose Trump AND oppose going down a path towards nuclear war. And it is also just possible, that this isn't all some conspiracy to benefit the Kremlin.

But unfortunately, it is hard for liberals to seriously oppose Trump, because the reality is, that there isn't much of a difference between him and their liberal political idols; the Nancy Pelosi's etc. Both are neoliberal corporatists. To oppose Trump on matters that really matter is to oppose their idols as well. And, as liberals (in my experience) tend to be irrational ideologues, I don't see this happening.

What's more, recently the Democrats actually voted for a higher military budget than Trump. So maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise that liberals now appear more militaristic than Trump!

John Bolton is probably loving all this commentary by the liberal media; the love-in between liberals and Neocons continues!

Whatever you think of Trump. Whatever you think of Kim. I think this is a very positive step forward. With America’s history of aggression, diplomacy needs to be praised. Let’s just hope it’s sincere on America’s side, and that North Korea can finally sign a peace treaty and reconnect with the outside world. Who knows what’s going on behind the scenes; maybe the skeptics are actually right to an extent, and we should not take this meeting remotely seriously? Though, with China and Russia’s backing, NK should be protected from America’s wrath whatever happens.

Robert De Niro, another partisan idiot

Robert De Niro received a standing ovation at the Tony awards after his strong words for Donald Trump.

Very courageous Robert, well done you. I'm sure had bloodthirsty Hillary Clinton been President, you'd have been up there saying the same thing about her when she inevitably decided to bomb some more people/destroy some more countries. Where were you when Obama was bombing 7 countries? Oh, I see you're a supporter of the Palestinian-massacreing IDF, so I guess you're cool with that kind of thing. Unless it's being done by Trump/any other Republican, of course.

These idiots are just pissed that Trump has completely taken the smiling-assassin-Obama mask off their country, in so doing fucking up America’s already-waning standing in the world; they’re embarrassed. And they're completely oblivious to the fact that most of the world is happy about America’s demise, having bothered to actually notice the millions of people killed by their perpetual wars, (or been directly affected by it).

The elitist bubble of Hollywood!

Sunday, 10 June 2018

The illiberalism of 'liberal' Macron continues

Regarding Macron's anti-'fake news' law:

Liberals continue to reveal themselves as puppets of the authoritarian ruling class, unable to accept reality and challenge their masters, as they continue to blame widespread discontent in the current system - a system that benefits that ruling elite and not the many - on ‘fake news’ and Russia. Spineless fools!

The moves towards cracking down on freedom of speech/press that we have seen since Trump/Brexit happened should scare us all. This is all about the oligarchy, (whom neoliberal politicians like Macron serve), losing their control of the media and the narrative.

Why are 'links with Russia' worse than 'links with Saudi Arabia'?

Can someone explain to me why having ‘links to Russia’ is worse than having ‘links to the US’? Or indeed, ‘links to Saudi Arabia’? Could it perhaps be due to some extreme Russophobia? I'm not saying that they’re saints, but last I checked, it wasn’t 'the Russians' who’ve been destroying Yemen, arming jihadists in Syria, bringing slavery to Libya, generally wreaking havoc in the Middle East resulting in 4million+ deaths, etc etc.

Personally, I’d advocate for far more ‘links with Russia’, who have demonstrated great restraint in the face of NATO provocation and aggression, and less links with those countries responsible for all this chaos and devastation.

The anti-Russia Propaganda is made clear by media treatment of events in the west

A former candidate for DNC chair - Samuel Ronan - has been assaulted and arrested by US police officers, having refused to obey their (seemingly completely unwarranted) orders to get on the ground.

MSM headline if this was in Russia: ‘Former political candidate targeted by police, then assaulted and arrested. Welcome to Putin’s Russia’. 

When it happens in the US? Tumbleweed.

Also recently, the celebrated TV chef, Anthony Bourdain, died at the age of 61 - he was found hanging in his hotel room in France. Recently, Bourdain tweeted this. I am not saying that the Clintons did it - that is a wild theory. But just imagine if an anti-Putin Russian celebrity had tweeted something similar - that they had been ‘on the receiving end of Putin’s operatives’, then been found dead shortly after. 

The west would blame Putin instantly.