Sunday, 13 May 2018

Israel wins Eurovision

Well next year’s Eurovision will be interesting!

Netta, the winner (for Israel), is all about celebrating diversity.

As I saw someone say on Twitter - how about we celebrate diversity by using the attention that the Israel/Palestine issue will get as a result of her win, to liberate a marginalised (to put it mildly) people - the Palestinians? 

Given she’s already presumed that next year’s contest will be held in occupied Jerusalem - the rightful capital of Palestine - I guess she’s unlikely to get behind this kind of diversity.

For me, this is so representative of what the fake ‘diversity’ agenda is about: basically mass pink-washing/diversity-washing of the malevolence of the elite, with their corrupt corporatism and imperial projects.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Who's doing the retaliating?

The 'MSM', as ever, are acting as stenographers/propagandists for the Israeli regime, reporting that they have been 'retaliating' to an Iranian attack on the Golan Heights.

Syrian commanders have said that these rockets were not fired by Iran - they were fired by them, in retaliation to Israeli strikes on Damascus.

It is Syria that is doing the retaliating here. Israel is quite blatantly the aggressor. They’ve continuously attacked Syria throughout the Syrian war, have supported the jihadi ‘rebels’, and lets not forget - they have been occupying Syrian territory, THE GOLAN HEIGHTS, for 40 years!

To summarise - Israel has ‘retaliated’ in response to a RETALIATORY attack on a piece of land that they are illegally occupying.

Yet Israel’s loyal servants in the ‘MSM’ somehow manage to frame it so that Iran and Syria are the aggressors.

As ever, Israel is the spoilt brat and the bully. They expect to get what they want and now feel emboldened with Trump’s backing. They want Iran wiped off the map, so will fabricate any nonsense to reach that goal.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Trump - Israel Collusion and the Iran Deal

Trump has announced that the US will be pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu is delighted.

Yet another sure sign of the adherence of the 'MSM' to the state, on matters of foreign policy, is their refusal to report on the evident collusion between the Trump administration & the Israeli administration. (Having spent 1.5 years doing so re Trump-Russia collusion, despite little evidence). 

But perhaps this is because collusion between Neoconservatism and Zionism is nothing new?

The alliance between these ideologies, as well as Saudi Wahhabism, is responsible for mass human suffering, and is the greatest threat to peace. 
The regimes of the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are the real 'axis of evil', and little Iran is up against all three. We should all be standing with Iran at this time.

It's always seemed likely to me that the long-term plan was to sign a deal with Iran, then fabricate evidence of non-compliance to justify regime-change - i.e. to prove that Iran is a rogue state that won't comply with anything, thus justifying military intervention as the only option.

Let's hope that European and other normally subservient states remain in solidarity with Iran and supportive of the deal. Iran has just dumped the dollar for the euro in foreign trade transactions, so that might have something to do with their willingness to challenge US power for a change...

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Propaganda Worse In Neoliberal Countries?

I think propaganda in the neoliberal 'west' is very possibly more pervasive than in Russia - a crazy notion to most westerners, I realize!

It seems to me that propaganda in the western mass media is largely a result of our extremely un-equal, corporate, plutocratic system, and our not having governments that hold these powerful interests to account - instead, our governments are corrupted into serving their interests, rather than the interests of the electorate. This system is a result of an ideology of privatization and deregulation - neoliberal capitalism.

The plutocrats and corporations can funnel money into NGO's and ‘think tanks’, that are then relied upon by the media. And by our governments - to advise on domestic and foreign policy. Additionally, they can of course funnel money directly to the media, politicians, political parties, and the government. They also gain influence over the media via advertising - for example, arms contractors advertise on TV news networks, creating a conflict of interest in a time of war, when the arms contractors will inevitably favour war over peace, in the pursuit of perpetual profit for the military-industrial complex. This will inevitably have influence over the network's editorial line, as they seek to not displease their clients.

The ruling elite's ability to manipulate the populace has been made even easier in recent decades, as the mass media has monopolized. The corporate media is now owned by just a handful of rich men - all of whom have vested interests that will, obviously, influence the output. (For example, some have direct vested interests in oil digging in the Middle East). So it is not just a case of powerful interests funding and manipulating the media - they also own it.

Journalists down the chain in these media corporations will insist that they have full control over their output, but as per Noam Chomsky's theory - the Manufacturing Of Consent - it is largely only those who are of a certain pro-status-quo mindset who will gain employment and advance their careers in the corporate media. Those who refuse to go along with the prevailing view on any given issue - particularly on matters of war and peace - often end up cast aside, as they upset the sponsors and hinder profit margins. Profit trumps truth and ethics in the corporate media.

Meanwhile, in Russia - a country outside of the globalist neoliberal Empire - they have a centralized, authoritarian leadership, thus are more easily able to keep powerful interests in check, including their ability to own and manipulate media. This doesn’t mean I think Kremlin-funded media can be trusted either, obviously - state funded media will inevitably be biased towards the interest of the state, to varying degrees depending on how genuinely democratic the government is and how genuinely independent the media organization is.

Nor does it mean that I think there isn’t also corruption in Russia, or that Putin is a saint. But I think the evidence suggests that Putin’s government, comparatively to western governments at least, acts vastly more in the interests of his people. He has overseen a huge economic recovery in Russia, following the chaos of the 1990s, when western and Russian corporations/oligarchs, with help from the US government, looted the country, leading to a huge drop in living standards.

It seems to me that the reason the Russian government is able to act more in the interests of the populace, (and indeed the reason for Putin's huge popularity), and the reason that Russian media is perhaps less susceptible to manipulation by powerful interests, is that they have done the opposite of what we in the west have done - they have taken some of the power AWAY from private hands. Whereas neoliberal reforms in the west handed power TO private hands, leading to vast inequality, the siphoning of money (and power) to the top, and thus worker exploitation, wage stagnation, community upheaval etc; all inevitable results of handing over the country to unaccountable power.

I think the best example that clearly shows where the interests of the neoliberal west lie can be seen in US congressional spending - around 55% of the budget goes on the military ($850 billion). Any rational person will surely see that this is beyond crazy. And this is happening whilst problems with poverty and homelessness etc get worse and worse. But what is most alarming is that most Americans don't seem to see this as absolutely crazy - they seem to just accept it. Why is this? I think largely because the powerful interests that benefit from it also own and fund the corporate media, which can seemingly still propagate much of the populace into believing that black is white; into believing that a system which is killing their country - and the world - is actually a system that will benefit them.  

Thankfully, the internet, particularly social media, is helping people to ‘wake up’ to this craziness, (hence the recent anti-establishment movements). And that, it seems quite clear to me, is why western governments are seeking to ‘manage’ the internet, and ‘regulate’ social media – to quell dissent and reverse this awakening, ensuring that the powerful interests don’t completely lose their ability to control the masses. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

‘MSM’ wakes up to possibility of WW3

Those of us with the time and energy to research, and look outside the ‘mainstream’, concluded long ago that the situation in Syria could well lead to WW3, via any potential direct conflict with Russia.

It has been clear for some time that western powers have been pushing an agenda to demonise the Russian leadership, who have stifled the west’s plunder of the Middle East, via their intervention in Syria to assist with the defeat of the west-backed ‘rebels’ (jihadists).

We feared a Hillary Clinton presidency, particularly because of her desire for a 'no-fly-zone' in Syria, thus making direct conflict with Russia almost inevitable.

Now that it’s more obvious to all that we’re on this course towards possible calamity, thanks to Trump seemingly renaging on his earlier anti-interventionist stance in Syria and becoming Hillary 2.0,  (or perhaps it's all 'liberal' Macron's doing and Trump is being truthful in his public calls for withdrawal?), ‘MSM’ has suddenly started reporting on the extreme seriousness of the situation in Syria, with direct conflict between two nuclear powers closer than it is has been since the height of the first Cold War.

It’s as though these ‘MSM’ journalists are unable to report anything other than the obvious. Why is this? Is it because of the constant McCarthyite climate that we have - meaning that doing so; to actually question the system whilst it heads in the direction of disaster, rather than waiting until we’re on the brink of catastrophe, sees them condemned as anti-western, conspiracy theorist, Kremlin bots? I know from first hand experience on Twitter that if you speak out against imperial war and against the ‘right’ of the west to ‘police’ the world, you‘ll be attacked as though you are a genocide-loving devil. Imagine what it is like for journalists/politicians to speak out against these things?

Unfortunately it’s the nature of  ‘MSM’ - they are a corporate media; a business, reliant on profit. They must be careful not to offend, and not to question the prevailing view too much and end up smeared as radical conspiracy theorists, or getting something wrong and having their reputations ruined. So self-censorship becomes necessary. Integrity is impossible. Corporate media journalists inevitably end up a herd of self-serving careerists. Generally only those with a certain ideology - those eager or willing to serve power and maintain the status quo - will reach the ‘top’ of the profession. This is Noam Chomsky’s theory of the ‘Manufacturing of Consent’. (See this interview in which Chomsky puts the BBC’s Andrew Marr on the spot).

And of course, the corporate media is owned and influenced by a handful of plutocrats, some of whom benefit from war and our hurtle to hell, via vested interests in oil rights in the Middle East, for example. (But surely even they don’t want nuclear war with Russia..?!).

It is abundantly clear that corporate media is not keeping the public informed, so it is essential that we citizens become wise to this media system and that we all grow a backbone and spread awareness ourselves. Thankfully this is happening, thanks to social media - hence all the establishment attacks on social media lately.

I just hope to God that Jeremy Corbyn, a man who clearly understands how the media operates as a propaganda machine to uphold the neoliberal and imperial status quo, holds out and doesn’t succumb to the current McCarthyite climate and to the bloodlust of the spineless sheep who make up both political parties and the ‘MSM’.

The debate as to whether or not we should intervene more in Syria is really a debate between those who continue to support, (or be apologists for), the unipolar world order dominated by the militarism and neoliberalism of the west... and those who want a different (multi-polar) world based on a genuine respect for international law and human rights.

Given that our latest intervention, in Syria, would literally involve becoming al Qaeda’s air force, and potentially lead to direct conflict with a nuclear armed country, I’m hoping that many are increasingly moving towards the latter option? Please god.

Syria Strikes - a tyrannical 'show' of force

Theresa May, Macron and Trump are monstrous tyrants prepared to act as al Qaeda’s air force with zero regard for international law in order to maintain their imperial agenda in Syria.

The OPCW hadn’t yet even investigated the Douma incident used as a pretext for this - that tells you everything you need to know. These people have no regard for law and order. And they are hypocrites, representing countries with a long history of chemical weapons usage.

Saying all of that, I am thankful that Hillary Clinton is not POTUS right now. As horrific as Trump is, if she’d won the election and gone ahead with her desired ‘no-fly-zone’, all hell could have broken loose by now.

Instead, what we got from Trump (and Macron/May) was an indefensible and illegal ‘show’ of force, to make the west look like the good guys and feed the military-industrial complex (Raytheon shares are up!).

And the whole charade, inc the massive propaganda drive, helps to justify the US’s indefinite occupation of northern Syria, (coincidently where the oil is).

A United States military general has stated that they ‘did not eradicate all of Assad’s chemical weapons’, leaving the door open for more strikes in ‘retaliation’ for future ‘chemical attacks’, (jihadists have been re-incentivised to stage attacks).

Who knows if the west will do more after the next ‘attack’, but it seems clear from these strikes that the west very much fears Russia. As they should.

If not for Russia, Syria would surely have been destroyed by the west’s proxy jihadists long ago!

Friday, 13 April 2018

'MSM' love proven liars

BBC News now reporting that Russian special services had a secret operation training spies to put nerve agents on door handles.

Could this get any more farcical?

And who is this information coming from? Sir Mark Sedwill. Quick internet search reveals that he helped cover up Blair’s Iraq War lies.

A reliable source to the ‘MSM’ though.

The propaganda continues.